NEW OFFERING — Farming As A Service (FAAS)

Summary of Offering

Farming As A Service (FaaS) will allow projects to spin up a pre-audited yield farming template/contract. Think of it as a basic interface that allows for setting up basic variables (base deposit, token distribution rewards, farming schedule, emissions structure, etc). FarmingBad will then deploy the contract and host the farming pool on for the duration of the emissions schedule.

Project Benefits

1. Zero Upfront Cost to the Project — farming/staking contracts are built & deployed free of charge. The fees are incurred by the users who stake assets to receive the provided rewards, not the project.

2. Validated bug-free/audited staking contracts.

3. Cross-community marketing & visibility on a growing farming platform.

4. Create buy pressure on token by offering reward for staking.

4. Deepen liquidity by offering rewards for liquidity provision.

We can spin up new FAAS pools within 48 hours!

Fee Schedule

Contract Development = FREE

Contract Deployment = FREE

Hosting = FREE

Graphic Design For Custom Pool = FREE

Farming Fee = 5% of Staked Asset (LP or Token) PAID BY STAKERS/USERS

The first FAAS pool will open on Tuesday, March 9th


Know a project that wants exposure and would benefit from having their farming (or staking) hosted on FarmingBad? Contact El Crypto Chapo for more information.

Telegram: @el_crypto_chapo



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